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 Choosing a Cross Stitch Pattern or Kit

        If this is your first cross stitch project, I suggest buying a small kit. Kits come with all the necessary materials (fabric, floss, needle, etc.) other than a hoop. Most kits also include some basic cross stitch instructions. Kits come in varying degrees of difficulty. There are even kits designed especially for kids and beginners by Dimensions and Permin. Some of my favorite kits come from Dimensions, Permin of Copenhagen, Eva Rosenstand and Heritage Stitchcraft.

For more experienced cross stitchers, pick out your own pattern and fabric for a more unique piece. There are many, many, many different cross stitch pattern designers to choose from. Patterns come in varying degrees of difficulty, and are often labeled as such.

There are various methods for keeping track of where you are on your pattern or chart. Some people use a highlighter and mark off the section they are stitching on their pattern as they go along. Some chose to laminate their pattern before beginning and use an erasable marker to mark of the areas they have already stitched. More experienced stitchers generally just “eyeball” their work and know where they left off.

Some of my favorite cross stitch designs are by Mirabilia, Lavender and Lace, Passione Ricamo, Pinn, and Butternut Road.

Mirabilia patterns are designed by an artist named Nora Corbett in Ohio. She creates original water color paintings and turns them into cross stitch patterns. Her subjects are generally angels, mermaids, queens, fairies, mothers and lovers along with timeless women. Mirabilia is one of my favorite line of patterns. They are generally quality pattern that often use beading and metallic threads to highlight the design. I carry all of the Mirabilia patterns that are available at Julie's X Stitch.

If you are into collecting, Mirabilia makes a line of "Holiday Fairie" kits that include fabric and all the supplies you will need to complete the project including quality linen fabric. She also has a line of "Christmas Trees" every year for Christmas that include all the beads and treasures you will need to complete the piece.

Mirabilia's newest pattern is "Athena, Goddess of Wisdom (MD97)". (released August 15, 2008.)

Some of my favorites are: "Christmas Flourishes", "Midsummer Nights Fairy", "Sleeping Beauty", "Shimmering Mermaid", "Enchanted Mermaid", We have some great news. We are happy to announce that Mirabilia is back in business! I try to keep all of the Mirabilia, Lavender and Lace and Passione Ricamo patterns in stock, so they generally ship immediately.

Told in a Garden, Lavender and Lace and Butternut Road patterns are designed by an artist named Marilyn Levitt-Imblum who lives in Main. The Lavender and Lace patterns are some of my favorites. The inspiration for many of her designs came from living in the country near many Amish families. Her designs include many angels, brides, traditional women, Native Americans, Christmas themes and the Amish. Her patterns are classy and turn out lovely. Some of my favorites are "The Wedding", "Angel of Grace", "Celtic Christmas", and the whole Celtic Series. All of these patterns are available in kits as well.

Kustom Krafts started creating cross stitch patterns in 1999 in a small Northern Ontario, Canadian town. Dyan Allaire was very interested in fantasy and wild animal themes, which inspired her to create her own cross stitch charts. Kustom Krafts charts are very colorful and life like. They have a wide range of patterns to choose from. We have 150 of their pattern on our site and add more every time they release a new design. Some of their most recent patterns are: "Beautiful Dreamer", "Allegory of Painting", "Miracle", and "Santa's Piggybank Kit".

Heaven and Earth Designs was created by Michele Sayetta and her husband Bob. They previously owned a hand dyed fabric shop, but decided to switch to cross stitch patterns. They chart the artwork of many talented designers into counted cross stitch designs. Their designs are not computer generated. They graph each image using engineering software Their designs are very intricate. They suggest you stitch them on 25 count Lugana or Dublin over one to preserve the detail. Their designs have a "fantasy" feel to them. Some of my favorite designs by Heaven and Earth are "Queen of Hearts" , "Spirit of Winter" , and "Cinderella's Ball".

Glendon Place is a cross stitch pattern company started by a great lady name Cheryl Granda. She lives in Florida with her husband and dogs. Her favorite past times when she was a child were art and sewing. Her grandmother taught her to sew, as mine did. Cheryl has been designing cross stitch patterns for over 2 years now. She has many themes that focus on the holidays. Some of her greats are "We Three Kings" (on sale $12.99), "Sociable Scarecrow" (on sale $10.99), "Witching it was Halloween" (on sale $10), and her newest is "Santa's North Pole" ( on sale for $17.75).

Pinn Stitch Art and Technology, Inc. is another great designer. They are a company in Chiang Mai, Thailand that has been in business since 1992. They do mostly classical Thai and unique Oriental designs in cross stitch. They are some of my favorite patterns. Very colorful and beautiful. Some of their designs are "Two Thai Dancers", "Thai Parasol Paintings", and "Loy Krathong". All Pinn patterns and kits are sold at a discount from the retail price.

Mar-nic designs is owned and operated by Maria E. Cipp. She lives in the picturesque city of Waterloo, Ontario. This area of Canada is steeped in a rich multicultural heritage. Her cross stitch designs are inspired by the abundant world around her. Her home is shared by her husband Nick, Doran and Aaron, her sons, and her canine, Spencer the Boxer.

Cross Eye Kat is owned by Kat who loves crafts and taught herself cross stitch at a young age. She created her first original design for Latin class in middle school. She has been designing original needleart for her company, Cross Eyed Kat since 2004. I like her designs "Post Modern Cats", and "Post Modern Dogs".

Imaginating and From the Powder Mill. Our company was established in 1979 by my former partner, Marilyn Clark, and myself. We began in our homes and graduated to more and more space. Marilyn retired a number of years ago, but still designs a few pieces each year. Some of her most popular pieces were those that had words and paper clips (Rules of the Office). We began our company with needlepoint patterns and now have cross stitch, embroidery and a quilt line. (from Imaginating's website) Their designs are very whimsical. I like "Candy Cane Christmas", and "Bubble Your Troubles".

Art-Stitch specializes in uinque counted cross stitch and needlepoint designs in the art nouveau, arts & crafts, and art deco styles. Inspiration for my designs comes from countless artistic sources from the turn of the century through the 1930s, including poster art, stained glass, tilework and ceramics, book illustrations, jewelry and architecture. I have been an avid stitcher for many years, and for just as long have loved art of this period. But, to my disappointment, it's never been easy to find needlework patterns with turn of the century themes. So, I decided to change that, and Art-stitch was born. (excerpt taken from Art Stitch website). Some of my favorite pattern from Art-Stitch are, "Chat Noir", "Feline Queen" and "Noel".

The Sampler House was started by Eileen Bennett, designer, teacher, author of needlework books and patterns based on historic samplers. My retail needlework shop, located in Grandville, Michigan, closed in 1986 when my design career began. "Home Is Where You Hang Your Needlework" was my first charted design and commercial endeavor. Since then, over 100 sampler designs and related accessory items have been created by me for the retail market. Most of The Sampler House designs use a variety of old sampler stitches and from these designs came four books of stitch diagrams. (excerpt taken from Sampler House website). "The Flowers of the Field" is one of my favorite samplers by Eileen.

Bobbie G. Designs evolved from my love of art, color and a passion for stitching. I began by designing for cross stitch magazines and transitioned over to designing, manufacturing and distributing my own cross stitch kits, charts and quilt patterns. The business has grown steadily as I continue to do what I love doing.

My daughter and I work hard to produce a great product that you will enjoy. (taken from the Bobbie G. Designs website) Some of my favorite designs by Bobbie G. are "Jolly Ole St. Nicks", and "Coffee".

Images stitchery design is a family-run business that has been designing stitchery patterns for the past 30 years and specialty frames for the past 16 years. We are located in beautiful downtown Mineral Point, Wisconsin just 45 minutes west of Madison. Our designs are compositions by Wayne Banaszak, whose love of architecture and nature are demonstrated just beautifully in his pictures of historical landmarks, samplers, and novelty subjects. Using multiple stitching techniques, Wayne "paints" a picture with a variety of fibers and fabrics. (taken from the Images website)

Nancy Spruance Designs. Victorian House Designs for Counted Cross Stitch We hope you will enjoy browsing in our gallery of finely detailed Victorian house designs in the California Northcoast Collection and Victorian America Collection. These cross stitch designs are all faithful reproductions of the houses that inspired them, and houses in both collections are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. (take from the Nancy Spruance front page). Some of my favorites are The Abbey, Carson Mansion, and the newest is Country Victorian Cottage.

Character Creations. Before starting Character Creations, I was working in an embroidery and patchwork shop. While there I did several private commissions creating cross stitch designs from personal photographs using computer charting software.

The success of these lead to me starting out as an independent designer. My first charts were created from personal photographs and she later moved on to using art in the public domain. After deciding to concentrate on designing full time, I contacted a number of artists both in New Zealand and overseas, gaining the licence to chart their artwork. (taken from Character Creations website).

Debbie Draper Designs. I have always wanted to design [cross stitch patterns] and for many years I took liberties with designs, changing up the design and/or the colors. Then one day shortly after being introduced to Vikki Clayton’s silk floss by a wonderful friend and designer, Mary of Ozark Sampler, I thought I would try my hand at designing. I was inspired by Vikki’s silk colors and came up with my first three designs. They are simple enough for the beginner and even the more advanced stitcher will find them fun to work up. (taken from Debbie Draper's website). Debbie Drapers designs include many felines and silhouette patterns.

Country Garden Stitchery. I began cross stitching when my children were tiny and I would stitch while they took naps and at night time. I started stitching on stamped fabric as I wasn't confident to do counted cross stitch yet! I also discovered I enjoyed drawing about the same time. My husband and I would take the kids out into the desert to explore and I would draw the old rock houses, old structures, old gnarly trees and whatever else I could find. I decided to try my hand at designing my own patterns, putting my drawing interest with the cross stitch interest. (from Country Garden Stitcheries website). Her newest design is called "Lady Scarecrow".